I am Leonardo,

multidisciplinary designer, cyberbard, pirate, who composes creative solutions through interactive media. Graduated in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano, I found in the game medium the perfect synthesis between Interaction Design and Storytelling. I am a member of DiGra Italia, and I participate in discussions in various communities related to the development of games and design tools. I like to investigate the facets that bind human beings, games and stories, publishing research articles related to the disciplines of Game Studies and Narratology. Always at the forefront when it comes to game jams or independent game development projects, whether board games, narrative role-playing games, or videogames. I work in the field as a Game Narrative Designer collaborating with Italian and foreign companies, helping to create a future where games can be considered equal to artistic works. I have an eye towards interactive storytelling, worldbuilding and how games can be used to tell coherent and meaningful stories. In 2021, I co-founded Elm Story, a platform that allows people to visually create interactive worlds with procedurally driven stories inside.


Freelance Narrative Designer @ TRAGsoft

December 2021 — Present

- Edit and polish story and dialogues of the game
- Implementing immersive storytelling in the game
- Writing a documentation analysis of the narrative

Teaching Assistant @ Politecnico di Milano

December 2021 — Present / Milan

Didactic support for the Complex Artefacts and System Design Studio course of the master's degree in Communication Design. The course analyzes the contemporary widespread use of digital videos, games, pictures, audio and text and their distribution across media leads to the rise of new consumption behaviours and the spread of new interactive narrative forms. Thus, storytelling practices represent both a spontaneous way for producing and sharing content and a design field to be explored further.

Freelance Junior Game Developer @ We Are Müesli

December 2021 — Present / Milan

- Develop a hybrid game
- Translating design ideas into a functional game code.
- Coding the base engine of the game with Fungus.
- Implement the UI in Unity

Co-Founder and CCO at Elm Story Games

November 2021 — Present

- Contribute to the architecture of the platform
- Design content for users, such as documentation and devlogs
- Create a true revolution in interactive storytelling
- Test platform usability with UX research
- Create an artistic vision for the team
- Handle strategy, campaign execution and art direction
- Community Management

Game Designer
@ Gladio Games

May 2021 — Present

- Develop mobile games
- Test and balance game system using design tools
- Translate ideas into technical documentation (GDD)

Freelance UX/UI Designer @ Makemark

May 2021 — September / Milan

- Tested product usability with UX research team
- Consulted with clients regarding all visual content
- Developed and maintained Websites on WordPress platform
- Prototype on Figma

Freelance Narrative Designer

June 2020 — Present

- Draft coherent imaginary worlds
- Consultancy for video game stories
- Narrative Analysis
- Scientific research on Narratology and games

Freelance Game Designer

January 2017 — Present

- Develop games for personal projects or Game Jams
- Direct the artistic view of the game
- Design assets and animations, story, and system rules


Bachelor's degree in Communication design

September 2015 — September 2018 / Politecnico di Milano

Master’s degree in Communication Design

September 2018 — April 2021 / Politecnico di Milano


Codamo, L., & Mariani, I. (2021). Interactive systems as storyworlds. An approach for building coherent interactive narratives. CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2934, 1–10.